So Broke

I told you this would happen!

Now that we are back and I sat down and updated everything, paid for SOME of my kid Senior year online:

That does not include books and parking!

Anyway, yup, so broke!

Today is actual reg day and we pick up her books and parking sticker, which costs another  $100.00.

I take pics of the reading books she needs and try to find them 2nd hand.  That helps some.

And…She has Senior Pictures this week!  

She also has golf membership due!  

Its such an expensive year.  Like insane.  Did I mention prom?

But you know what?  Its her senior year which I can hardly believe AND I am that much closer to discharge!   Its gonna be a tough year, probably the toughest!  Its just a timing thing.  I think its gonna go by fast!

Just breath!  I have to remind myself!  I can do this!

I found some cute things to make to try to sell.  I took a pic to remind myself:

Would you buy something like that?  Rocks?  😝

I also hope to work some overtime as well as do some side work.

After the first of the year I might try to get a part time, I will talk to atty about it.

I pulled some pork out of the freezer for bbq sammies and I made up some taco filling to make quick meals.  I also bought a case of cup of noodles.  We are good in the grocerie department.

Whew!  This is the hard part.

Well better get up and at it!




2 thoughts on “So Broke

  1. YES! I think the letters covered with maps, flowers, etc would sell well!! (or do all the letters, like TRAVEL covered in map paper!!). Set up an Etsy shop!!!

    • I am going to Triple A this week to pick up some more maps. Free! I need to finish setting up that account this week. Thank you for the suggestions! And support! Xoxo

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