It Takes Money…

To make money!  

So I spent a little.

I bought a bag of rocks.

I painted them up and put some pretty flowers/butterflys and sentiments on them:

I need to bling them now.  This is my test batch!  Me likes!

The bag of river rock was 11.00 at the home center.  I learned that less paint and smaller flatter rocks are best.  I’m a quick learner like that.  Doh!

At Wallmart I picked up a couple of letters for 1.89 a piece!  

I tried my hand at this.  I like them, but they need to be glammed up just a bit.  I only bought two cause that was $4.00.  Can you imagine buying the whole alphabet? Gonna have to cross that bridge later.

I also have been coveting this:

Look at the price of that.  Even the smaller ones are not cheap.  So I found the recipe and I bought the ingredients and I made it!

  Just now!

In about 9 or 10 hours I will be gellin. Cross your fingers!  Its so cool!  Google it.  

I got some bookmarks to make and that will be cool to use as well as some art cards! 

So I am working on inventory!  

Rocks, cards, bookmarks, letters, etc.  

In other news… Its good that I took this week off.  Kid has registration and golf qualifiers.  Add a new “friend” and you have  very busy kid and a stressed out mom.

“He” came by this morning and I got to grill him over chocolate chip pancakes, so that was good.  

It could not have happened at a worse time right?  But she needs to learn balance.

What a crazy couple of weeks right?  Thank goodness for cheap and easy cooking.

I have my pork roast in!  

Looking forward to that.

Welp, gonna go play with paint and other junk!  😁 loving the time off but in the back if my mind I wonder whats going on at work.  Its very scary these days.

Heavy sigh!




3 thoughts on “It Takes Money…

  1. DMC I loved the first rocks you posted a picture of, but they weren’t painted. I LOVE yours even more because they are painted. They turned out great.


    • Thank you! I added some bling, just a bauble here and there as well. I might leave a few natural too, but I like the painted too. It sure takes time!

      Have a wonderful day! Xoxo

      • DMC

        Your are welcome. I know it takes time but it is so worth it when your project turns out like you wanted (or in some cases better than you thought it would.


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