Gelli Fail (Sort Of)

Well that didn’t work!  I made that homemade gelli plate and it was a big fail.  

Not completely the plates fault either, I just have no clue what I am doing!  Well, it did kind of fall apart too.

Looks good huh?  I WAS able to get some color pulled off but I have no idea what I am doing.  Its harder than it looks.

It cool though. It ended up falling apart in places, I turned it over and hope that I can get a few more prints after I think about it for awhile. 😁  I need to figure out color combo.  Hmph!

I was able to get some pretty color on the tags though:

See it in the background? I ran with the lavender purple and added some ephemera.  I created the baby tags.  I wish I had better ribbon.  People use eyelash ribbon.  Might go get some, its got to be just a couple bucks right?

There was some feathers at a thrift store for 10 cents, I should have picked them up!  Things like that will help build my stash. But I don’t have lots of space or money.

But things I want:  brown ink, glossy accents, pretty ribbon, vintage ephemera, antique white paint, embossing machine, the list is endless.  

I do make do.  Last night I learned how to make crackle paint with GLUE!  I want to do that on some tags and or bookmarks.

Today my kid is off.  She has been golfing all week and really deserves the day!  I am so proud of her.

Its been so nice to be home this week with my kid and cats.  I envy stay at home moms now.

Well better go get at it.

Have a great day!!




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