Annie, Figs & More

Hi guys!  I am so sad!  Back to work tomorrow, I feel a panic attack coming on.  I am grateful to have a full time job, for sure, but my souless position/company I work for sucks the life out of me.

Thank goodness I found a creative outlet!

Last night I stepped away from the craft table to visit a friend.  Remember Annie?

She is still kicking and just as sweet as ever!

My bff has a fig tree so I tried them straight off the tree!

It was nice to have someone else cook for a change!

In craft news:  I went to pick up a few things and got sucked in!  Crap!

I picked up some stamps and other things.  All on sale, but when you are broke!!!!

I am getting quite an inventory going for Etsy, but I am not even close to opening.  I need to learn shipping and all that.  I need to create some business cards to ship with my packages and I need to do a logo, etc.  this is going to be a good side business into retirement so I want to set it up right.

The money I put in now will help me later.

I am working on inventory.

All the “window” cards are ready and I am working on some new ones this morning.  

I created this background and it will give me four more cards.  

(Oh wow, need to hide that heavy line!)  taking a pic is a good way to see stuff like that I guess!  

Anyway thats my morning.  Kid is golfing of course and I am making a mess!

Have a great rest of your weekend. I hope it drags out!  🌺👍




2 thoughts on “Annie, Figs & More

  1. So pretty!

    It’s good to have a side income (even if very small) – helps mental health, reminds you that there is more to life than your job, etc.

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