Yep My AC is toast!

I called my older brother and ran some ideas by him and he said the swamp cooler is a waste of money.  I think You all may have agreed.

He said to just get some quotes and we will figure it out.  So I think that means that he will help me buy a new one.

Its as old as the condo which was built in 1972,  I was 12!

If I get a new one my electric bill wont look like this:

That was an awful shock!  One month for a 920 SF condo!  

I lined up three companies.  It should be interesting and scary!

Yikes!  I am sure its gonna be thousands!  I even need a crane!  

Heavy sigh!




5 thoughts on “Solution?!?

  1. Yep, even if your unit wasn’t toast it is time for a new one. AC technology has change a LOT since 1972! I live in a 1500 sf house we installed a new ac/heat system late last fall. My bill for the hottest month this summer was less than $150 and we keep it on 76 all the time. It will be a help to your utility budget once you get a new unit. The hard part is just paying for a new unit.


    • I would take the difference and immediatly start paying my bro back!

      I know its gonna be a pretty penny and I am not sure he realizes it, the extent, but we shall see.

      I am even will to get a used one! Anything has got to be better!

      • Here where we live it is illegal to sell a “used” AC/Heating system. I don’t know if that is a federal thing or just a state one but I’m not sure a used one is an option. And yes it will probably be a pretty penny, ours was. But we didn’t have any choice the heating unit was unsafe to use and that won’t work too well when it gets cold. And on the flip side it gets in the upper 90’s here with 90% humidity for a good part of the summer and I WILL NOT make it with out AC. LOL.

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