Suggestions Welcomed

Yesterday my air conditioner was off most of the day.  Then I closed up the place and it got HOT!  Fast.

I turned on the air but noticed that there was no cold air, like immediately!  Usually it will blow cold, then die out!  Then later work again.

So again, I think it is dying, if not dead… Again.

I looked online at these thingies:

Swamp coolers!

I think one or two of these might work.  See… I can’t vent here out a window.  My HOA would sue me.  Maybe I could vent one out of a doggie door that they cant see, I could try.  

I don’t know what to do, its freaking hot, and will get hotter.

Maybe I should see if I can get quotes and make payments to a company.  They would have to agree and the trustee would have to approve.  Its thousands. 

Something!  Any suggestions.




11 thoughts on “Suggestions Welcomed

  1. Sorry to hear about your A/C. These are the moments that make this program very hard. A lot happens in 5 years! Do you have to get a lawyer to submit the plan to the trustee? My case is still pending….going on a year. So I haven’t received the rules yet.

    Can you install a pet door insert in your patio door without making the HOA mad? That way you could you the “pet door” to vent a portable unit.

    • Hi Kaite! I would go thru my original atty and do a request/mod. Oh that sounds do scary though, I would rather suffer!

      Actually i do have a doggie door already in the wall, but your idea is good because those sliders are closer to the living room!

      Five years is so so so long and when you have to let things go for so long, they are bound to break down eventually!

      We can run but we cant hide!😅

      Thanks for the idea! Xoxo

  2. DebtGirl, Why do you think it’s so scary to go through the trustee? I don’t know where people come up with it, but my attorney and trustee have been nothing but helpful and understanding through the whole process. You don’t know what would happen until you have a casual call with your attorney’s office. I wouldn’t want to be without air where you are. It can’t hurt to ask.

    • Hi Soph! I dont know! Maybe bwcause its only 13 more payments I just dont want to rock the boat ya know?

      Anyway I asked one if my brothers and he said to get some bids and we will figure it out. So I guess I will
      Start there if I have to.

      Lucky to have such a generous older bro!

  3. Here’s a suggestion, not about the AC, but in general. This is the time of year that many places are looking for seasonal help for the holidays. When I was going through the worst time for me, I started working retail to make some extra money. That was five years ago and I’m still there. Usually it’s twice a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. My point is that although it’s not big money, that extra money sure adds up and helped big time when the budget was so tight. The discounts are nice, too. Maybe a place like Michaels? A discount on the supplies you need for your cards would be nice too. Anyway, it’s just a thought.

      • Well that’s certainly a bummer. Here’s another thought that probably can be cash. There’s still lots of people who don’t know how to use computers. I’ve helped some of my senior neighbors with basic computer tasks. Several of them had said I should tutor as a side job. My problem is I don’t have spare time but it’s something I’ll be looking at when I retire. Maybe its something you could do, too.

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