Hay Girl


I have been busy making some custom cards.  My friend at work owns a bunch of alpacas and they are having an Open Ranch Day in November.  They sell all kinds of alpaca stuff  and I asked if I could make some cards and some rocks to sell:

Here is one type of card:

They took a long time to put together.  Its actual alpaca fleece.

Then I started the Alpaca Rock rocks:

I will be doing more colors and types later.  Its a start.

I am hoping to make a little extra for the holiday and just to get cought up really.  Omg, I am so behind right now, I asked to work on my Fridays off a few times.

Update on AC drama!  

First quore came in at $7100.00!  I can’t even.  Second quote appointment was this morning so I won’t get that est until Tuesday.  I am waiting for the 3rd company now.  Um… They are late.

Not much going on, hiking in the morning and stopping at 99 cent store on the way home.  Thats it for spending I hope.  Might have to go to Smart & Final for a few things too.

Hope you are having a nice weekend!




8 thoughts on “Hay Girl

  1. Oh my goodness! $7K thats a lot of money. Is your brother going to be able help out? Even if you weren’t in a chap 13 plan thats still a HUGE expense. Home ownership, you just have to love it. There is always something that needs your time or money.

  2. I would check multiple places I just had my AC replaced, totally new AC unit, (did not have to do duct work etc) for a 3000 square foot house. It was 3000. Explore online the size, unit etc for your size house….. I know places like Home Depot etc. also install. I am in Minn. and used a local business but no matter where you are a AC is a AC the installation may be a little more but 4000. (Also I have heard good reports about Costco but I am not near one, yes I guess they sell and contract AC installs)

  3. OH my goodness!!! We put a new furnace/air conditioner in last fall NOT even anywhere near that price (if I remember my figures correctly it was less than $4500. I hope the other companies come in below that.

    Love your cards and can’t wait to see the embellishments and bling you use on the rocks.


    • SJ thank you! Art is so enjoyable! $4500!?!? I would cry if someone gave me that price! Its expensive yes, but so much better than what I am seeing! I would be happy! Xoxo

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