Stress Release 

So today I got the voter packet for the HOA board and there was not a single candidate!  Its freaking crazy what is going on in that community.

Its either gonna be taken over and run by lawyers $$$$ or go bankrupt.  I cannot wait to sell.

I will have lots of decisions to make at the beginning of 2018.

Do you think I can live on 30k a year?  Omg!

Its lunchtime and I need to hold my head and finger high!   Hahaha!   I love that!

So heres my little moment of art at my desk zen.

I love to watch videos too.

So I ripped some paper and taped a couple of index cards together.  I glued on a magazine pic that I like as well.

The I got out the colored pencils I keep here.

After I ripped a bunch of circles and colored the background I glued on the “flowers”.

I actually like it.  Some of the stuff I do at lunch is not so pleasing to me but this is A-OK.

Step class tonight!  I need it.

Hope you are having a good start to your week.




2 thoughts on “Stress Release 

  1. OMG I just got back from our condo board meeting and I told them about your HOA voter packet. We’ve all been on our board for years because no one wants to volunteer their time. It’s very annoying but it made us wonder what would happen if we all said enough. Came darn close after our last annual meeting.

    Now I just need to get through to the weekend. Can’t wait for a three day break. Hope you have a fun Labor Day weekend.

    PS I love your Alpaca rocks. They are really cute!

    • Hi Terri,

      I have been on and off the board for years but got off last time because of stress and due to needing more time to help kid get ready for college.

      I should have stayed in but its so stressful.

      I have no idea! We already pay almost $400.00 a month in dues and its gonna get worse!

      I need to get out asap when this bk is done! No matter what!

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