Are We There Yet?

I feel like an over anxious kid on the way to grammas house.

Seriously the closer I get to discharge the harder being in the BK gets!

I think its because it is such an important step in my life.  Its by far the most important thing I have ever done financially.  And the scariest too!

But lookie!


I am almost there!  When I filed back in 2012 I could not imagine how long this process is.  I can say that I KNOW HOW LONG FIVE YEARS IS!  

In other news:  is this rock bottom?

We call that Two Buck Chuck!  Believe it or not it is not terrible!  It might be considered rock bottom in some lives but in my life I call it smart!

I was only able to drink half a glass as I am not feeling well these days😥,  it was pretty darn good AND affordable!

Yesterday was payday so I got me some new boots!  Will share tomorrow!  Big spender!  Not!




4 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. I heard that Two Buck Chuck is made from the grapes that big wineries sell from their own vineyards. They do not want to produce too much of their brand-name wine (and devalue it), so if they have excess grapes, they sell to Trader Joe’s. The downside is that it really changes from year to year; you never quite know what you are going to get.

    • Hi there stranger! I saw an interview saying if you get good bottle of it you better get back to the store and buy the whole case, because when it is good it is great!

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