Not Much Happening

I like it when its quiet, no drama!

Got up today and hiked in my new hiking shoes:

Such a deal!  Marked down from 49. 

It was nice out!  Cooler!

My old boots that I thought would last longer  have seen better days.

Remember when I bought them?

Check out that post, its pretty cool to revisit!

Oh I tried palates at my community center yesterday and it was ok.  Lots of older people so not too hard. 

Did some crafting:

I just turned them into post cards.

And now I gotta organize this new space:

That is going to be College Command Center!  😁

Well I actully need a nap already!  

Have a great day’




3 thoughts on “Not Much Happening

  1. I just read your old link about STUFF. I am going through the same thing. Getting rid of stuff I had accumulated long ago and didn’t get rid of when I moved 17 years ago. Some of it is still in the boxes. I was talking to a friend who had similar boxes, so I know I’m not alone. 😁 Hope you’re having a good week and enjoying some nice hikes in your new shoes. Don’t you love it when you find a good sale on something you need?

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