Short Week!

Yay!  I love me some short week!

The AC saga continues.  I am waiting for another quote. However I really am leaning toward scrapping it for a bit.  Its just a lot of money and drama.  I will let you know.

Its been cooler and that has helped, but October can be brutal here. So we shall see.

In crafty news, I picked up some deli paper to paint on.  Everyone uses it and wow, its fun!  Basically you just scrape paint on it and can get beautiful effects.  Heres my first attempts:

Isnt that pretty?  I used metallic paint!

Then I collaged it and messed around, just play!

I love it!

Saturday is my kids ACT test. We have been sending out letters to more coaches and recieved replies almost immediatly.

Things are happening fast and our little college central area is awesome!

I hope all is well with you!  Life just seems to be happening here!




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