Movin Along

Hi everyone!  

Hope all is well.  Not much going on here.  Just pluggin along.

Played with some collage at lunch:

Thats always fun!

Tonight a lady from work is coming over and I am cutting her hair for $20.00!  Will make some quesadillas!

Another good thing is another co-worker offered me a bunch of clothes and I said Heck Yea!!!

So later I get to go thru her clothes.  What I don’t want I will let my gf have to look thru. 

It will be like Christmas.  

Other then that, kid has ACT tomorrow and I have a date on Monday!  

Long story but I have a suiter!  I have no idea what or how it will work out but I am willing to at least have dinner.

Its so hard dating at this stage of the game but how we met was kinda funny.

Anyway!  Maybe there will be some cute date clothes in those bags!

Are you single?




4 thoughts on “Movin Along

  1. HI Debtgirl, glad you have a date! I have a very understanding husband so I feel lucky. Today we went to a craft fair and I saw some collage art and thought of you…one was collage on old record lp,s…cool eh? They had hangers glued on the back so you could hang them as artwork!

    • Hi K! It was nice. He wants to meet tomorrow night now. Its not easy! Its very scary! I am having a hard time and he is being a smidge pushy. I just might need that otherwise it wont happen.

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