Golf Drama

As most of you know my kid lives for golf.  She will die to play on a college team.  We have been introducing her to many coaches and things are looking promising!

She is on varsity and has been on this highschool team for four  years.  Now, finally as a Senior it was her turn to be captain.

Except there was a vote and two others got the votes.

We were blindsided.  The coach has been telling her the whole time that he would pick her as coaches pick!  His announcement of the team captains said nothing about that.

I came home from dinner last night to one very hurt and confused kid.

I immediatly called the coach and asked him what in the world is he thinking?  You can’t make promises like that and then not come thru!

She has been telling coaches she will be Team Captain!

Well after I gave him what for he decided to “fix it” and he then sent out a 2nd email announcing his coach pick for her.

Now the team has three team captains.  We could care less as long as that title is on her college apps.  They can all be captains!  

The golf drama never ends!





4 thoughts on “Golf Drama

  1. Awwww… know exactly how you guys are feeling! Same thing happened to my daughter in tennis. She was on varsity all 4 years, very much a leader type. The first 2 years there was always one team captain. Then in her junior year (she was #1 on ladder too), all the girls told her they wanted her to be captain, and the coach decided to have co-captains, so a senior could be captain. DD was ok with that and in her senior year assumed she’d be captain… picked someone else! Not sure what the coaches problem was with her, we never did figure it out and DD didn’t press it. But she was extremely disappointed in it all.

  2. Sorry to hear what happened to your kiddo. Not sure what the coaches are thinking when they make those decisions. Are they thinking the kids won’t remember what they promised? Kids remember everything!

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