Fun For About a Minute

Yeah ok, that was messed up.  Remember the date?  

It seemed he, the date guy was normal, enough. I mean none of us are perfect!

So he cussed quite a bit. Well a lot! I was willing to over look it. 

But there were red flags.  Like he had to hang up in a hurry or he would say he was doing something and then later his story changed.  Just red flags.  

Theres a bit more to it but just trust me.

I have been around the block long enough to know when I am wasting my time!  I wished him well and decided to keep it in the friend zone.

Moving on.  At least I know that part of me is alive!  If the right guy comes along!

In other news, I made some flowers for crafting.  I learned this online!  Love!

I hope all is well with u!  I think I might give online dating a whorl again!  Gah!




6 thoughts on “Fun For About a Minute

  1. Good for you to try it! I’ve been married 20 years and I so admire your courage and I am positive you will find someone special. Oh and I like the flowers! I think I saw similar with using pages from old books and vintage newspaper or music script…really cool!

  2. Hi Debtgirl – haven’t heard from you for a few days. Just wanted to make sure you’re doing ok. Hope all is well and you’re just enjoying the last days of summer. Take care.

    • Hi there T!

      I have been up to my elbows in new PCs at work and never enough time in the day.

      I am plugging along, actually a little under the weather. It was so hot last night I slept with the window open and today I have had a chill.

      Stupid AC is just about as useless as it can get!

      Will try to post an updat soon! Thank you for thinking of me and I hope all is well with you (all) as well!


      • Glad to hear you’re hanging in there, I know all too well the ‘being up to your elbows’ kind of feeling. Take it easy and post when you’re up to it. Hopefully, the heat wave will break soon.

        • Its so much better tonight but living in an upstairs condo with no AC is brutal. It just cost so much money! I am gonna try to make it one more year but I think it will be really difficult if not impossible! 😦 swamp coolers are looking like better than nothing to me!

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