Still Plugging Along

And its not getting any easier!  

I can say that the Sixty Payments are going by faster but from paycheck to paycheck there seems to be less $.

I worked 6 hours OT last pay period and I am trying to get in at least three this pay period!  Every little bit helps.

My place was so hot last night I opened all the windows all night and today it was super hot but I must have caught a chill.  Feeling somewhat better now.  

This weekend hiked in Ventura and hit up the thrift stores in main.  I got some great pastels and some actrylic paint too.  Cheap!  Cheap!

I need to get busy at my craft table.  I have been working on these cards:

I finished one tonight for a birthday card for my friend at work:

The glue is still wet, but it will dry clear around the bling.

Its cute right?

So not much going on!  Feeling overwhelmed at under appreciated as usual!  But dont we all!?!

Hope all is well with you!




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