I Would Rather get a Root Canal

Seriously!   I spent my day here yesterday!

It was is awful.  I see people taking advantage of their time off, reading, sewing, knitting etc. 

I brought stuff too but all I could do was sit there miserable!

Counting down!

Untill they cut us loose.  I know its my duty and I need to find a way to relax but it gives me such anxiety sitting in that room.

I got called up to a panel and got out of serving for medical reasons.  Can you imagine me sitting in a jury box for days without instant access to a restroom!  The thought alone stresses me out!

Whew!  I feel badly for not serving but not too bad!

Do you detest that experience as much as I do?




4 thoughts on “I Would Rather get a Root Canal

  1. We have the same here in Canada…they really should pay people more at these things for their time and effort etc. My 19 yr old son just got jury summons too and I had to send all his documents that he was at college 3 hours away and no, couldn’t come back to sit in a room and wait to get called.

    • They summons you here but there is no pay at all. Which I am ok with, because it is a civic duty. Its just so inconvenient. Gah!!!!

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