My Release

It’s A LOT!  This BK thing, teen getting ready to launch, dead end job, chronic illness, no love life….

You get it!  

I havent had much time to sit at my space and create lately.

I find I really love to hang out there and make a mess.  Last night really late, I couldnt sleep so I started a spread in my altered book art journal.

When I looked at it this morning I actually liked it.  Its weird when I do something late at night then look at it in the morning…. I see potential.  

I used some of the deli paper I made, which I love!!!!   It needs lots more work but a good start.

I cant wait to scrape some more colors on deli this saturday.  I have disignated it Art Day!

I also have a plan to do another computer parts collage:  remember this?

That seemed like another lifetime.

I have a idea for something smaller.  That was fun.

Art and craft is my only release.  That and my step class twice a week and my hike on Sunday morning.

If I didnt do those things, I would be bouncing off the walls.

We are getting close to the last year in!  This has been the longest, most challenging process in my life!  60 months!  

Thank goodness I found distraction.

Are you into art yet?




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