Limbo Land & Junk Journal

Hi all!  Just like the title of this post states… I feel very much in limbo.  I am in a really weird headspace right now with the BK being the main reason I think.

Its so weird but if you would have told me 47 payments ago that I would be in this “mood” at this stage I would have said “no way!”

I thought I would be happy and excited!  Well, I am those things but not to the extent.  

Maybe the worry of actually getting done is overwhelming the positive feelings.

Its a crazy time, everything is holding on by a thread.

My AC as you know is as good as dead and we are back into triple digits.  I have to plunge my toilet after each use to ensure it doesnt overflow.  My car is in need of everything.  There are golf, school, animal expenses. My job still sucks.  The HOA where I live is horrid.  I live paycheck to paycheck.  (pls dont advise me on your wonderful ability to save thousands of dollars during you BK).

Its just a lot!  

But hey I do got this.  Maybe its Frugal Fatigue!  Maybe its just that, like millions of people, I find it hard to believe this is my life!  😁

Well enough of all that!  You know I got this!  You know I will make it!  I just need to whine!

In other areas, I made my first junk journal.

Can I just say that I love doing it!  I have three more books ready to make!

The ones online are beautiful.  I have lots to learn but believe me, it is saving my sanity.

The only time I left the house this weekend was to hike and pick up a few things at the 99 cent store.

The rest of the time I was home making a mess!

I hope life is treating you well!

Xoxo from Limbo Land



4 thoughts on “Limbo Land & Junk Journal

  1. I think you have it backwards. The junk journal is your present circumstances. The art is the beauty you are trying to find in everyday life. From what I read you constantly are searching for some way to make lemonade out of lemons. But what do I know? I keep a little stash of candy in my dresser drawer. The other day I put it back in the drawer beneath the bathroom sink. First sign of senility! The cat is sitting on my keyboard so I have to stop.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

  2. Sending a hug your way. I know this journey hasn’t been easy. Know you are giving me strength to get thru this. I finally had my plan confirmed the other day. It’s been over a year since i started this process. The feeling you were/are having are the very thing I am concerned about. I know this is hard but remember you have come a long ways and you are in the home stretch.

    • Thank you Kaite! Pls know that your comments and support mean the world to me as well.

      Heres the dealeo… I think blogging has kind of made me watch the days, weeks, months and years. So maybe time crawled a little more (or so it seemed) at first.

      But I would not give up this blog and the kind people I have met here for the world.

      So my point is a watched pot never boils so just get super busy and distracted now. Try to save for a rainy day if you can. I never could but it seems like most bk-ers do better at that then I do.

      Get busy now finding low cost / no cost things to do.

      Lately time has been flying, but its the falling apart of everything thats got me down.

      I will be ok! I got this! So do you! Xoxo

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