Kim C & Bridget

Where Are You?

Looking for my crew!  

Hope you are botb ok!



2 thoughts on “Kim C & Bridget

  1. Kim is still here reading and cheering you on, I just haven’t been commenting. I think I upset you with a comment, and I NEVER want to do that. You were stressed with college and everything else and I suggested 2 years of community college and then a 4 year university. I want every dream for both you and your daughter to come true.

    • Not at all! Even if you did its ok! I ask for support and even if I dont like it I still love ya! You can give it but I dont have to take it right. She might just be heading to JC afterall! Was it my dream? Nope!c!!! But its all good! Keep commenting Or I worry about you!!

      Xoxo so glad you are ok!!!! KimC we got 12 more months!!!!

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