Grab A Cuppa ! Long Post!

Tomorrow is my 4 year aniversary! 4 years ago tomorrow I filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptsy to try to crawl out from underneath a second and a HELOC on my mortgage as well as credit card debt!  I was completely drowning in my debt! Underwater in my condo… No end in site, there was no other way out!

It was the scariest decision I ever made because I made it completely alone!  I HAD NOBODY!  I did not know if I would drag my kid into something and not be able to make it!  I was so scared but I could not figure out any other way to see our way clear and have a better financial future!  

Realizing her college and my retirement coinside!

Today I look forward to having no debt, except my student loan, which I have been paying the whole time and did not have to.  That was not budgeted but every month I make it. In one year I will have equity and almost no debt.  It will be a day that we might finally be able to breath.  It will also be the day I tell my kid about it.

I chose not to tell her and I am so happy I made that choice!  My gawd!  Her life is stressed enough without that knowledge!

I think it is starting to sink in!

September flew!

And the holidays are right around the corner!

I plan in working almost all my Fridays off for as long as they will let me!  It wont affect my BK because it wont increase my income that much.

And this is the last tax season I have to send in my returns !!!  Yippee!  That sucked!  Remember when I had to send in $2000.  Omg that hurt!

Oh and  yikes I was so sick at the time!  👎

Its been a long haul and we are not done yet!  I think I have set myself up to succeed.  

I am doing so much crafting these days!  Just today look whats going on in this ever growing space:

I am finishing some painted rocks to sell at an Alpaca show:

I am making a junk journal for my sister:

Oh I got this yarn at thrift store!  Most of everything you see  is second hand!

I am working in these little cards and pockets:

I learned online to use shoe polish!  Way cheaper than other product for aging and distressing paper!

Then there is this new addition!  Yes it was the price of a new tire but damn it!  82.00 at Wallmart and I just had to have it!

It was about 30.00 more than the one I should have bought but I think this one will last!

Already sewing:

I felt so good because I already figured out how to fill the bobbin!  I really like it.  I just wish I had better eyes!

Talk about distraction!  I think I have created so much distraction and purpose that the next 12 months will whiz by!

Oh… In other news, its FASFA day!  So I organized my space and now its time to get online and get that out of the way!

Kid is playing golf today pls send positive thoughts thag her scores are low!

Now we are all caught up and you can see what I am doing❤️🌸😁

Crazy huh?  Who would have thought 4 years ago I would be crafting and it would mean so much to me!

Better get online!




2 thoughts on “Grab A Cuppa ! Long Post!

  1. Wishing you Happy 4 year anniversary! You have come so far and only have one year to go. I went back to your link when you first filed. That must’ve been so scary. I give you a lot of credit to take that step. You’re smart to have found your crafts. I have so little free time, that the time I can squeeze for my hobbies is something I savor. Lately, it’s been reading a few pages or crocheting a couple rows. Enjoy your Sunday.

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