Now you know I an not decribing me!  I used to be “polished.”  Now I am just kind of  a mess!  I think stress will do that to ya!

I am talking about this kind of polish.

I brought in some book pages to “distress” today.

I want to make flowers and all kinds of stuff with them.

Its not perfect but its faster than coffee dying and cheaper than distress paint and ink.

Heres what I made today with a stamp I brought from home:

I think these little pockets will be cute with sewn zig zag as well.

In other news its finally starting to really hit home that I am in the home stretch.

  Its so funny how fast these past 4 years have NOT gone by.

Heres hoping the next 1 does! 

Here’s hoping its smooth sailing!

Crossed fingers!




4 thoughts on “Polished

  1. The pocket reminds where you would put the library check out card. I guess those days have gone by since everything is bar coded nowadays. Very cute, and the polish works great. Yay for life hacks.

    • Hey you!! 😁 Thats what it is called on youTube tutorials, library pocket!

      I love making this stuff. Kinda fun!

      Can U send me a way to send you a little something?

      Maybe care if local post office? Send to my email though to keep it private! 🌸😁

  2. Love the shoe polish idea!! Isn’t it amazing how crafting can take the stress away? I am glad that you have found this release! I have learned in life that small treats during time of financial difficulties are totally necessary to make you want to get up everyday! Don’t sweat the purchase of the sewing machine! I hope you do well at the Alpaca show!

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