Goodwill Haul and…

Hi guys!  Happy friday!  So glad its finally here!  Really long week.  I pulled a muscle in my neck 2 weeks ago and its still killing me!

Today I left early to talk to my kids councilors at school – thats another post.

After thar we hit up a couple thrift shops.  I needed…

WANTED…some material and some baubles to make some flowers… Wait till you see!

However, we both found some great deals!  Check it out:

My kid found three pair of jeans!  I love it when that happens!  Score!  Great kid right?  

And another pair not shown!  Washed and drying.

I found a couple of cool books. For crafting!  But I have a hard time tearing some up.  This one might be really hard:

Sorry they are sideways!  

I dont have any cartoons in my stash and I love the vintage feel of these images.

And so that is part of my collection now.

Then I foung yarn and tape, foam and scissors!   Junk stashy stuff.

I love the fancy scissors!

Then the perfect find!  Material and junk jewelery!

And look what I started already.  I watched the tutorial last night  and knew I had to try it!

So when we got back I watched it again and played along…

I pulled the baubles apart and made my first shabby chic flower. 

Cute huh!

Anyway!  Its something to do!  What am I going to do with them?  Good question!

Tomorrow college app day!  Drama!  Gah!  It has been a real learning experience.

Hope you are all well and out of Storm Matthews way!




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