Junk  & Stuff

Hi there!  Lets talk trash!

Ok no trash talk about the morons I work with.  Whoops my bad!

We can talk about trash as in Junk Journals.  Go look them up, so pretty what some crafters do.

I did this at work over a few lunch breaks.  Its not really a junk journal because its just old book pages and not junk mail, etc.  

You get the jist, its just a handmade notebook and I love making them.  Its so relaxing.

I also painted (washed) some page flowers to use.  Its gettiing arty here at work too!

Speaking of work… Its my Friday off and I have to work it!  It really helped my last paycheck!   I need the cash so badly right now!

Thankfully I have plenty of food for the next couple of weeks (mostly).  

I have college apps looming.  My kid is retaking the ACT too so that costs.  Oh and more tutoring for that.  Was there a line item for all this when I made out my budget 4 years ago, cause I missed it?!

I have everything I need this weekend to stay home and have fun.  

I have food, medicine, WINE and my Gracie!  

Its all good! We got this!



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