$300.00 Out Of The Blue

Hi everybody!  

So today I am minding my own business working in my craft space:

With Gracie overlooking my work:

Until she got bored with me:

Then she looked outside and wondered what in the heck is all that gray stuff!

Ain’t it great!?!

It was nice hanging out with my crafts on a cloudy day.  I still have a few Alpaca ones I need to finish up:

Isn’t that cute!  Thats real Alpaca fiber.  These cards take way too long!  

Anyway!  About the $300.00!  

I got a letter in the mail today from my Attorney!  OMG talk about a panic when I saw that return address!

But I pulled up my big girl britches and opened it and BAM… I got a refund from Chase!

I think I know where it came from.  A few years ago they sent me a thing for taxes.  Pay this much and your mortgage won’t  go up… I paid it but they increased my mortgage anyway!  I just kept my mouth shut and head down… Now I got 300.00 to help me out.

Now I hope I dont have to send it to Trustee but the note from atty did not say to!

So on that note!  I got to celebrate tonight!


As you can see I don’t spend $ on wine to be sure.  😎🌺👍

Have a great evening!!  Cheers!  




6 thoughts on “$300.00 Out Of The Blue

    • Save! I barely know how to spell that! I still need tires and a tuneup ans its college app season at 55.00 a pop for most. Some are free. Also kid wants yo retake ACT that is 58.00 plus the tutor coming twice a week AGAIN.

      Save? Surely you jest my friend! The list is endless!

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