Glue Book?  

I have officially lost my mind!  I mean seriously!

Like this is fun?

So I glued some pages of a catalogue together then fingerpainted on different colors and now….  I am gluing on images I cut out of magazines.  

Sounds like someone is reverting!

But its mindless, free, keeps me occupied and strangly satisfying.

Last night I used a photo of Clooney and I loved it. Will share soon. He is so handsome in that pic!

I have no idea what this means.  I honestly feel like this stuff, kind of creative, kind of childs play is saving my soul.

My thankless soul sucking job is anything but enjoyable.  I keep thinking  4 more years.

Do you always seem to be counting the days?   I think I might be a little whack people!?!

Thank goodness for even the slightest distraction!




4 thoughts on “Glue Book?  

  1. I have my yarn and stitching stashes, too. Also, nothing wrong with your countdown. I started mine earlier this year and when I’m having a crummy day, I update the days left. Hopefully, my countdown will end in less than three years.⏰

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