Is it Sunday?

No its Monday!  Gah!  

The best way to get thru a bad Monday at the office is to stay home!

So I did!  But now it feels like Sunday all over again… that means tomorrow will feel like a Monday!  Fudge!

You just can’t  win!

Hey anybody out there from Iowa?!?  We are looking at a college in Storm Lake!   

Do you know of it?

So yeah caught up on college stuff for about a second today and then tonight I played in craft space.

I made these rocks:

I gave these match boxes a facelift:

And I started this project:

I am copying a mixed media artist online that I adore!  I changed it up and used gears and no thread yet.  But its such a fun thing to do!  

Now I have to rewatch her video to finish it!  I love her style!

Besides all that it seems to be calm before the storm!  Something is happening at work and its not good!  Scary!

I will let you know as soon as I know.  Yikes!

Next Saturday is a craft fair and my girlfriend gonna take some stuff to sell.  She gets 10%!  So I hope I sell a lot of rocks!




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