Sew its Raining

Hi!  Its raining again and besides the fact that our regular Sunday hike got cancelled (boo…not) I love it!

We really need it.  Its so nice.

My sewing machine is already coming in handy.  

Gracie has to be right here, my little buddy:

She is always right by me:

I love my cat.

We pulled up some of our costume stash and my kid is using my old wench one which is huge on her.

(Wench one which…say that 5 times fast!)  😁

So I cut off the shoulder straps:

And resewed it.

I have no idea what I am doing so all you sewers out there, sorry!

She is at a babysitting gig, I hope it fits when she tries it on.  The back has elastic and its huge, I have no idea how to take that in. ??

Anyway its feeling like fall!  I have yet to turn on the heat though.  I will be buying space heaterstjis year.  I am so over paying thru the roof for that old dinosour unit!!!

Every year I get to pull this little guy out.  Love it!

I pulled this out too.  

Just a little something.

I hope all is well with you.  This is a very scary time.  There is just too much stress on the planet😔

Try to enjoy the moments.




4 thoughts on “Sew its Raining

  1. Gracie is gorgeous!! I’m a cat mom, too!! (Sam & Sophie). Amazing how much you love those little furry kids, isn’t it??!!

    • Hi Shelly,
      Thank you! My kiid and I constantly tell eachother how pretty and wonderful our babies are. We have Misty too but she is elusive until bedtime when she gets her lovin!

      It is amazing the love we have and recieve from out pets.

      I think we have had them about 8 years now. I dont know where we would be without them!!!

      Xoxo to Sam and Sophie!!! Cute!!

      Thanks for popping by!!’

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