Roller Coaster

I swear!  Its been a freaking roller coaster here!

One day we feel completely defeated and the next day we feel like the sky is the limit, only to get knocked down a notch the next!

Seriously its freaking killing me!

I just hate to think what it might feel like at the end of this BK journey!  Will it be wonderful one day and the next will I get news that my lawyer forgot something or that something will cost me more!?!   Like what next?

At this point in my life I have such a hard time trusting any process!  Its a terrible way to live.  ☹️️  Iam definitely   not the happy optimist, not after so much life experience.

Anyway here is part if the ride:

Kid gets  a offer from an out of state school with  a pretty substancial scholorship.  But its too far and too expensive!  But she is over the moon.  “Its an offer mom, to play college golf!”

Meanwhile back here the highschool team made it to CIF and possibly state, but the coach didnt play her!  She got beat out by one stroke and lost position!  It was (is) heartbreaking!

That was this week!  

Just when I personly feel like a complete failure as a golf mom, this morning we got an email from an in state coach who wants her to come and play a round of golf with his team to see if she fits!  Like an interview!  

We are again over the moon!  We need to set that up ASAP!

Whats gonna happen tomorrow?  Can we just please get some good news a few days in a row?  Can we just please be over the moon for a minute?

I know life has its ups and downs, but daily???

Hanging on!




5 thoughts on “Roller Coaster

  1. Roller coasters are exciting, but I’m sure you’re ready for a little calm. Hoping everything smooths out and the college situation falls into place.

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