I Wish…

Good morning!  Well its been almost a week since the election and some how, some way I have been able to come to grips.

Maybe because my initial response was so mature and knee jerk!  ðŸ˜¡

Boy I was (still am not happy) BEYOND!

But I am moving forward and trying to be positive.

I wish the protests would be a little more peaceful then they have been but I completely understand the fear and anger that drives them.

However whats done is done and now we just have to hope he moves closer to the middle of the road.

I still am very much concerned with issues like the EPA, Obamacare, immigration and foreign  relations mostly.  

He is toning it down but I think because he is in shock.  He looks like a dear caught in the headlights.

Ok friends, This is the last political post I will do.  I never wanted to post any, but I was overwhelmed.  

As usual!  Overwhelmed seems to be the name of the game for me lately.

So much going on here.  Will post updates soon.

Have a great day and I wish you all well.




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