I was in an antique store today and noticed the collage:

Of course it cost a lot of $$, like hundreds!!

I am going to use it as inspiration.

Crazy that there are actually people out there with that kind of money.

Money to burn I guess!

Hope all is well with you.




2 thoughts on “Collage

  1. I find myself thinking “money to burn” when I’m out in shops too! I’m not out in them often though — too tempting to spend money and I have to watch every penny (I recently started my own long journey to a debt free life.) Love that you are going to use it as inspiration. Thanks for your blog!

    • Hi Realist! Thank YOU for stopping by! I agree the best way is to stay out of the stores! I thrift A LOT! But this was actually a “antique”store as in High Price old stuff! Boy then can really see some people coming!

      We were in a small town waiting for my kids appt with a coach, mothing else was open!

      Insanity! I used to think when I am done with this I would spend more but there is no way I cannot ever spend that way, without being super careful again! You just cant unlearn this lesson.

      I wish you all the best on your journy and if you start a blog let me know!


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