Busy Busy Bee

I haven’t come up for air in two days!  

I have just holed up in my craft space:

Trying to hide from the world and all the ugly in it!  Gracie has the right idea!  

I have been making beads:

Terri, head over to YouTube and type Paper Beads and you will find the best videos, look for Jennibelli!

I have been making these to use the beads on:

Here are a few pages in it:

I love this stamp, I just paint it in.

Kim I am sending you a one signature pamphlet!  There is a bycycle in it!  I think you said you like bikes.  Its just a little notebook but I hope you like it.  Am sending one to my sister for her birthday…late!

What else have I been doing?  Oh!  This!

That color explosion is for a journal I am working on in a free class online!  

Can I just say there are so many artists that are so generous with their talent out there!  They make it possible to learn for free if you can’t afford the classes!!  Thank you with all my heart! ❤️

And lastly I decided last night to work on my drawing (ah hem) skillz!  Ha!

I love the mixed media girls so here is my attempt last night and this morning:

Check out those eyeballz!!  👍

Its so much harder than it looks online!  👱‍♀️

Anyway thats what I have been up to.  Keeping my head down and just letting things good and bad come my way.  I try to stay under the radar!

Sophie I will check out the bkforum later, thx for the heads up!

I am off to pick up walnuts and condensed milk and heading over to a friends to make candy!  She knows how to make divinity!!!!   My gramma used to make it and I want to learn how!

Creating and making is a good thing.

Its raininv here!!!  Love it!!!!

Will touch base soon.  Hope you had a nice, drama free turkey day!




3 thoughts on “Busy Busy Bee

  1. Thanks for thinking of me, Debt Girl. I love low key weekends. Looks like you had a good one. Love the pic of Gracie girl. My grandma made divinity. I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to make it.

  2. Very nice sketch style….I like it! I’m working with beads too…am doing some string bracelets with tiny beads..just trying to find what I enjoy most…but yes it is fun to create! I read somewhere that we are all born to create something!

  3. Just watched JenniBellie’s video on paper beads. Never had seen that technique before. Looks like a lot of fun. Did you watch the one using aluminum foil? Your beads turned out really cute. I know what you mean about all the you tube videos out there. If there is anything you want to learn, odds are someone was kind enough to post a tutorial. Lots of generous people out there.

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