My Plans…

Happy Friday!

A couple of you have asked about my plans after BK!

Its a great question!  I think about it but what I do depends on so much.

As you know this has been a challenge.  Everything has gone up except my income.

Mortgage cause taxes are impounded, HOA,  Phone, Groceries, Tutor expense, medical insurance, I joined the work union, maintanence for my car as it is now 10.5 years old, etc.  Sport cost, she was not in a sport when we started!  And much more!

Remember this:

That seems like ages ago!  

I also choose to pay my student Loan every month, 178.00 so that it did not sit there for 5 years.

Now my kid has a car but its in her dads name and he is responsible for insurance too. But I help with other things!

Can you believe my kid was in 8th grade and now we are looking at colleges??  

Ok  back to my plans!  A whole lotta ifs.

I want to sell my condo in January of 2018 because I just want out!  I do not want to fix the ac/heater!  Thats a long story!

My kid will be in college and I just want to get a small one bedroom here until I retire.  

Ok!  I might retire in 2018 but most likely 2020, its not that far off.

I just need to cash out of the condo and I pray that the market stays up!  That is the only for sure thing I know!  Get out!

My only plan now is to launch my kid, get out of the BK, sell the condo and then retire!  Thats the big brush stroke plan but thats all I got!

Thanks for sticking by me!!!!  I will keep you up to date!

On the college end we got a few colleges throwing “some” money at her for golf scholorship, but we are holding out for one here in state!  I gotta a very good feeling that very soon that coach will make an offer!  

Pls think positive or pray!  We really need something wonderful like that!  Its been so long without a good piece of news for both of us!




4 thoughts on “My Plans…

  1. Long time reader 🙂 I’m glad you’re nearing the end of your BK, I imagine it would be such a relief for you. Looking forward to reading your next 10 months 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah and thank you for your support!

      It will be such a huge relief for me! Getting out from under this BK and selling this old falling apart condo will be huge!!!

      I can’t wait for the discharge and the green light to sell!!!


  2. Thanks for the update 🙂 The time will go fast! So when the payment you have been making to Ch13 goes away, will it give you a lot more room in your budget? So you can finally breathe some? I also look forward to reading your “post” BK posts and to see where you life goes. Things change so much when your kid goes off to college. It sure did for me.

    • Hi One! I am ao happy for you that you moved!!!! So happy!

      I think what will happen is that money will just be funneled someplace else!

      But it will feel like things are lighter!

      Maybe I won’t worry so much about being late, etc!

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