A Christmas/Craft Boutique

Hi again!  I want to show you guys my really great thrift finds.

But first, the boutique!  Tomorrow my friend is opening her home to the public to have a little sale and she invited me to sell some stuff.

So I got all my things together that I have been working on and put them out on my table like a staging thingy.

These are made with cardboard and napkins, I really love the Santa.

I have a boat load of tags so I borrowed my bracelet holders:

Not all holiday!

I made some to match the pics:

I made some that look like Trump!

I have no idea!

I lined these Surface Pro keyboard boxes:

They turned out cute.

I think its a good assortment considering I am a beginner.

The rocks will go in one of the boxes.


I have lots of stuff and she has lots of my cards and rocks and bows already at her house.  So I have quite an inventory.

I have been busy.

Ok heres the cool part.  I have lots of cards, but no way to display them.  So when me and the girls, my kid and her friend went thrifting I had an ah ha moment!


That old cd holder makes a great card holder!  Better than rifling through them in a box right?  

It gets better!  I picked up 10 of these little burlap covered votives for less than a buck a piece:

I thought that it was cool that they were halfway done!  I just finished them up!

Cute right!  I think I can ask a buck for each at least.
So tomorrow I will take pics and show you the table and the other sellers too.  

It should be fun and if nothing sells well my Christmas shopping is done!

Oh, sidenote, my kids friend had never been thrifting.  She bought something in each store.  She was like…”how did I not know this?”  It was so cute!  

Wish me luck, last time I didnt do so well.  This is really not my thing but hey, a couple bucks is a couple bucks. 

I even cought a kid stealing one of my rocks!  Hilarious!

I will get better at it too with more experience. πŸ‘πŸ˜

See you tomorrow.




8 thoughts on “A Christmas/Craft Boutique

  1. All of your work is so beautiful! I love the Christmas cards and Christmas cards aren’t even my “thing”. Good luck with the sale! You are so talented!

    • Aw Thank you Jax! I sure love to make a mess at my craft table! And I love love finding things at thrift stores to use most!

      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Xoxo

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