Um yeah!  That was my big sale! 

But it was a good experience.  The first time I ever set up a table of my own stuff.

I know I have lots to learn so its all part of the process.  

The other ladies have Real Booths! These ladies are pros!

There was a leather crafter:

A couple of alpaca and misc sellers:

And a jewelry seller:

I bought a 5.00 bracelet for my kids stocking and yep, I spent 20.00 on a cuff for me.  I will wear it every single day. It’s leather with mixed media flowers and so pretty.  It’s too big but I will get it next weds.  I will show you.

The other day at the thrift store I made the best find that I didnt share with you yet.

Its old!  Its still in the box and super sharp.  The one I have cost me about 17.00 and only goes up to 5 inches.  I have been wanting a bigger one but they are very expensive.  This cost $4.00!  I could’nt pass it up.

This is GREAT!  Plastic but it should last awhile.

Anyway, next time I bitch cause I cant afford to get my car fixed, slap me.

Actually I think by next month, I can get some of the work done if I play my cards right.  Oh wait, there is a winter formal, a couple of tournaments coming up and tutors!  Gah!!!!!

Have a good day!  We got this.




2 thoughts on “$8.00

  1. As my DM used to say, $8.00 is better than a poke in the eye! The cat and I are cheering you on for your final pay down in 2017. May you and DD have a blessed Christmas.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

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