Christmas Bedrooms

…And this is where I will spend the most money this year!

The flannel sheets were at Target for less than $25.00 each, the accent pillows at Johannes for 7.00 each, the garlind and lights are from the Dollar Tree.

Both bedrooms about $70.00 together.  Its a lot!  I shouldnt have, but I did!  (Feeling a little remorse today, can ya tell)?

Anyway!  My kids room:

Oh!  The green throw was 3.00!  Half off at Rite Aid.  Purely decorative.  

We both got one.

My room:

The sheets are warm!  I am not using my heater, we have space heaters, so that helps.

I cannot tell you how awesome framing inexpensive bags in Dollar Tree frames is!!!!  Seriously easy and fun.

In other news, my kid is retaking her ACT today.

We got our first rejection letter from a college last night.

I will be devastated if she doesnt get into the in state one!  I worry that I wont be able to hide my dissapointment from her.  I need to grow the heck up.  She will find her way no matter what but I really have worked so hard to help her but there is only so much we can do as parents, its up to them.  Heavy sigh.

Its gonna give me a heart attack or thro me into a flare, the stress.

Today, I need to run to Wallmart and then get a tree.  Does Wallmart have trees!?  I would pick it up there if they do.

Tomorrow hike.

Have a great weekend friends.




One thought on “Christmas Bedrooms

  1. AWESOME!! Looks so cozy!!! 🙂 Good luck to your daughter – – yes, she’ll find her way. Rejection is really a part of life & something she will face down the road. Sometimes you find out it all works out the way it’s suppose to! Take your pillow’s advice: “All is calm & bright!!” 🙂

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