I Am Seriously Spent

Last night I went and picked up the tree:  $31.00.  Not Terrible.

Then I made a huge pot of hamburger soup, with potatos:

OMG comforting!

I rately eat beef but turkey burger doesnt work here!  Trust me.

We haven’t decorated the tree and prob won’t today either.

I did add this victorian tree skirt that was handy.  I bought it to use the lace but my kid likes it.  Weird!

It is pretty for sure and I do have doll ornaments, so just maybe?

Anyway… kid is golfing and today I am picking up her big present.

Actually it cost me &100.00 up front and I get to go under contract for two more years.  Its been so nice not having a contract.  I have to stick with the same plan as they don’t look as closely at credit.  If I change carriers, I might face some drama.

So going to get that and wrap it up!

Then coming home and getting these done:

Now I just have to pay postage and get a few more things and I am officially spent.

I used to be able to spend for days! Now I freak out very early in the game.

Especially when I know I am NOT spending wisely.

Ok lets just hope I can pull this off until next payday!

Ok but now for another bowl of this yummy goodness!!

Are you spent?




2 thoughts on “I Am Seriously Spent

  1. HI Debtgirl…yeah I’m spent too. Almost 4 weeks out of surgery and healing well but not looking forward to going back to work after Xmas…oh well. Funny though I’ve been doing a lot of present shopping online and spending way too much! Feeling guilty too! We are waiting for my daughter’s acceptances too. She’s trying to keep her marks up. Plus we have had lots of snow and blizzards/freezing cold here where I live. Sigh.

    • Kiki, SPEEDY RECOVERY! I hope you are feeling better very soon.

      Its a crazy season! CrAzY!

      I am at the point where I am ready to send cards and tell everyone to expect new years gifts instead of christmas because I am running out of time.

      It will lesson the stress!

      We caved and wrote the coach a note yesterday and he responded and assured us she us “on his radar”!!

      She just MUST do well the next couple of tourneys! He will be checking thise scores! No pressure though!

      Waiting is the hardest part!

      Feel better and good luck!!!

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