Thanks AT&T!  Not!

So Sunday I picked up the phones, came home and wrapped them and put them under my still bare tree! I bought two so the contracts end at the same time.

Then I tried to make a call from my old phone!  Mind you the new ones are wrapped up, to be given as the “big” gift on the big day!  I told them at the store to PARK the new ones!  

I couldn’t call out!  So I am LIVID!

My neighbor let me make a call ATT who was no help.

I gave up, now frustrated to tears!😭

All of a sudden my kid comes home and says, hey mom, whats wrong with the phone!?!


I GIVE UP!  I told her just go open that %%#}\~>^{#^*£ present!

She was happy; I was pissed!  Off to The ^%%**+%%>£* store to get the %#%*+£>|}%^ phones activated!

Spent the whole freaking day!

So yeah, thanks a bunch!  That happened.  Still pissed!

In other news, we had out party at work.  For some reason I felt like decorating!

We have that party every year and for the 16 years I have been here, nobody did that!  I knew there were some extra ornaments, so I just did it!  

It added to the fun!  Its always a nice break.  Free food too!😁

So back to the grind.  

Btw the new phone is no better than the old one! Hmph!




2 thoughts on “Thanks AT&T!  Not!

  1. I hope that your daughter is enjoying her gift after all you went through. How frustrating. It’s nice you have a party at your office. We try to get everyone together for lunch, but usually it ends up after New Years. It will be a White Christmas here. Supposed to get 10 inches of snow today. 😕 Have a good weekend.

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