Thankfully Friday

My tree still looks like this:

I bought it last Saturday, a week ago!  I think it might get done tonight!  A glass of wine and just chill.  A girlfriend might come help.  Crossed fingers.

I haven’t put one card in the mail!  Not one gift is done except for my kid.

I really dropped the ball this year.

Whatever!  It will happen!

Not gonna sweat it.

Been putting in as much overtime as I can and next pay period should be good.  

I figured it out!

I take my showers at night and then I am able to get to work an hour early!!!  That is at least 5 hours of OT one week and if I work my Friday off its 9 more OT hours.  


I am getting my car fixed in January and new tires!  Lets just hope I dont skid off the road before that!

So thats what I am doing tonight, decking the tree, tomorrow get cards and stuff done, Sunday hike.

Lots if junk food and candy this week!  

Ugh, bah humbug!

Hope you are well!



2 thoughts on “Thankfully Friday

  1. Your tree has a great, natural look;). I shower around 5pm. I don’t even have to blow dry my hair. My hair is happier and I feel like I save a lot of time and mornings aren’t rushed. It took me a long time to come up with this system. Glad you’ll get a bigger payday.

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