Finally our tree got decorated last night!

The stockings got hung… CHECK

And my cards are sent!  AND DONE!

I used everything I made for gifts!  πŸ‘πŸ‘

Except this:

Heads up!  Micheals has a sale today and you can pick up these candles for $1.79! 

That is a really really good deal!  They are nice candles!

I plan to give my neighbor and friday night happy hour friend one and keep one.

I actually didn’t think I would get this done!  Its been so hard to do everything and try to stay healthy and work so much overtime.

But I got this!  

How are you doing?



2 thoughts on “Tree CHECK!

  1. All my decorating has been done since Thanksgiving. I finished up my shopping last week when I picked up special doggie cookies at the local pet store for my grand pups. I still have my husband’s gifts to wrap and will do that this afternoon. SO, that only leaves regular house cleaning this week and some baking that is more fun than a chore for me and I’m going to call it done for this year.

    I’m already thinking about next year and I really want to start buying my gifts much earlier than I did this year. Next year promises to be very busy as my oldest son is getting married on Dec 9, 2017. So, if I start earlier maybe, just maybe, next December won’t be a hectic as it has been this year.

    Girl I love your little stockings for your fur babies.

    • You noticed ny kitties stocking! I give then either a little toy or catnip or both. I already have some catnip so probably that!

      You are in top of it! I couldnt help but notice that I will be done with this BK by the time your son gets married!

      Its getting there!!!!! OMG its almost 2017!!!! Someone pinch me!!!!


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