3 Points!

My kid increased her ACT Score by 3 points!  Its the best we could hope for!  Is she a 4.0?  not even close.  But I am #proudmom!  These days even a 4.0 is not good enough.  Some kids are graduating with 5.0.  She will find her way and I am doing everything in my power to help her.

Now the midwest coach is offering more finacial aid and we are beyond excited.

We haven’t heard from state!

I haven’t been eating or sleeping well at all.  I am not getting enough sleep and eating way too much sugar!  Holidays!  Gah!

I am still walking as much as I can and today it was like a jungle out there.  Deer, coyoties, squirrils and a huge hawk!

The only thing I took a pic of was the coyotes.  The deer bailed once they showed up.

You have to zoom in to see them.

Sunday I took some pics of the hike too.

My friend from work.  His wife wasnt up for it.  It was cold but I needed that.

Not much going on, got a few things to do but after thursday I get 4 days off.  I am so looking forward to that.

I have some art messes to make!  

I am loving this Christmas Junk Journal: 

I am gonna play in that!  Its so relaxing!

Oh I want to share Gracie all dolled up!

I mean can you just? Love that cat!

I hope all is well with you.  Are you ready for Santa?




10 thoughts on “3 Points!

  1. 3 points – that’s awesome. Midwest, I approve of that!!! Gracie is very patient and cute. That hike – woohoo, million dollar views.

  2. So jealous you have no snow…I’m living in tons of the freezing stuff (although it is pretty at Christmas I admit)…and I love that last pic of your kitty cat!

    • Hi Kiki!

      Ain’t she pretty! A little worried about her at the moment, might have a vet visit soon! πŸ˜” She has issues but I think she will be ok. Or I will just die! 😩 We sure love our pets!

    • Thank you Tahoe Girl! She is a dream cat!

      And thank you for the best wishes. We are so relieved that the ACT is behind her, it is what it is.

      Its been a challenge!


    • Bridget!!!! Hello stranger! Thank you. I sent her scores to NCAA yesterday and she is def eligable for D1 and D2 As well.

      It was tough getting her there!

      I wish you and your family and kiity a Happy New Year!!!!


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