Good Deal?

Ok so lately my place has been starting to smell like when I had a cat box and carpet in my bedroom.  Ewwww!

Remember?  It was intolerabe!

That space is now my craft space:

Well, My cats eventually ruined the carpet in there, I literally cried it was so bad until I got flooring.

Those UTIs are expensive and sad!

So Gracie has been acting weird again peeing in corners, etc.  I followed her around last night and cleaned up and noticed a little pink.

So off to the vet this morning!

They did a bladder analysis and verified a UTI, and then gave her a shot!  So I dont have to give her meds every 12 hours for 2 weeks!

Ok so anyway as usual they told me her teeth are horribly full of tarter.  The last time I heard it was about 800.00 to get the teeth cleaned.  

Heres the good deal, I think.

For 30.00 a month for 12 months Gracie got her visit for free, dewormed and urine sample free.

Then she gets her teeth cleaned for free too at a later daye.

I thought it was a great deal.  I will let you know if there are any surprises.  

My visit today cost 130.00 including membership fee and first months payment.  It would have cost over 200.00.

Now I can get her teeth cleaned too after the first of the year at no out of pocket.  Unless they find teeth to pull which I doubt.

I think its a good deal.  Do you have something like that for your cat or dog?

Oh and before our vet appointment we took down all the Christmas decoration!  So that is done.

I love it when they go up but I love it even more when they come down!

What a way to end the year!

Did I mention my kid has a sore throat!  Gah!

Now for my car repair!!!!!  I gotta get that done!!

Life happens!




3 thoughts on “Good Deal?

  1. I think the pet plan is a great deal. I had my 10 year old cats teeth cleaned and was very hesitant to do it. It wasn’t the money as much as putting the cat under anesthesia for it. My vet mentioned it multiple times though. The bill for Slugger was $352 with 1 extraction, of course those are Midwest prices. I’m glad you got the plan for Gracie. I think that will pay off.

    I love when my house gets “back to normal” as well. I like the minimal look without extra stuff.

    Hope your girl rests up and the sore throat goes away. Good excuse to stay in and relax. She can play on her new phone:)

    • Hi Kim, yes the extraction alone is above and beyond and it depends on the tooth. 3 – 600.00!

      I have a pinch remorse buying it, I mean its 30.00 a month!!!! But will see! She is getting old and I hope we dont need it but if we do its there.

      Def gonna get her teeth cleaned. 🌸😁

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