Free the Tummy

Hi there!  I hope you have all made it through the holiday unscathed!  

I didn’t!  See?

Its the old rubber band trick!  I need a thicker rubber band as the the last piece is about to bust!  But OMG if I didnt do this I would die right now!

I brought in all the leftover cookies and candy from home to work and left then on a counter.  They will disappear and show up next week on someone elses waistline!  Mine can’t take it!  

My kids face is breaking out too!  We are both done!  Its awful!

Its just too much excess! Speaking of excess, I watched The Minimalist on Netflix last night!  So good.  Have you seen it?

Like everyone else, I love my tree up!

But I love it more down!

Seriously! I get so overwelmed.

So I did some research today and found this website.

So the concept is for 3 months you live with just 33 items of clothing.

I am going for it, starting January 1.

I don’t wear too many things and I tend to wear the same clothes all the time anyway!  Its gonna be really easy for me!

I hate all the junk/crap in my closet, I donated a huge bag this weekend.

I will let you know how its going.

Then I need to purge craft space!  That will be more if a chalkenge but theres too much crap.  It grows so fast!

I feel lighter and less overwhelmed already!  Just knowing I have this plan.

Stay tuned!





2 thoughts on “Free the Tummy

  1. Ha Ha… I just took my tree down. I can’t stand all the ‘stuff’ right after Christmas. I just spent 5 hours cleaning and taking stuff down and putting things back to normal. I did rehang some twinkly lights as i like them up year round.

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