Last Work Day 2016

And good riddance!

Today I took myself out for a hike and ran into this herd:

These are mule deer I think, look at the ears!  Cute though right.

Kid played a one day tournament yesterday and was 9 over par, not her best or her worst.  But respectable given the pressure of a coach watching her AND a major headcold!  But that just doesn’t count.  We are getting so close to knowing where she is going and I am nervous.

Keep those fingers crossed.

In other news…A gal at work asked me to make some Valentine cards for her so that is exciting.  Have some great ideas.  

Did I show you this mess:

Maybe I can use some if that paper!?  I have some red too.

Let’s see what else?   Gracie is still peeing in corners!  Gotta call vet and see what next.  I think she said  $160 if the shot doesnt work to get more lab work done!  That wont be part of the insurance cause they have to send it out!   Of Course!!!  Why would it be free right!  Gah again.

Looking forward to 4 days off.  Cleaning out my closet, walking off holiday weight and doing some crafting is all I have planned.

What are you doing for New Years?




2 thoughts on “Last Work Day 2016

  1. Hi Debtgirl I love the color in that paper! My New Year’s Eve will be quiet…just going to my sister’s house for a get together…oh and me making the usual resolutions (lose weight, save $, take care of myself etc)..oh and waiting up for the kids to make it home safe after their parties!

    • Hi Kiki!

      The waiting up for the kids is the hardest part! My girl went out until 12 last night and I was a shambles. She got home and conked out and I was still too nervous to sleep.

      We had a very long conversation about her responsibilities, her upcoming New Years Eve plans and her future.

      Sometimes I wonder I this whole patenting thing has aged me more! 😁 I wouldnt trade it for the world but it can be so scary these days!

      😉 Happy New Year!!! 2017!!! Finally!

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