I had big, BIG PLANS!  I was gonna get up and clean out my closet!  However… life happens.  So that didn’t happen. 

Last night I got a major sore throat and this morning not much better, so this happened instead:

A friend at work asked me to make some Valentine / Anniversary cards for her in-laws and this is what I came up with.

Mixed media, yet simple.  I hope she likes them.  She has some paper punches she wants to get rid of, maybe we can trade!?

I am on a no spend crusade!  

Everything needs to be fixed and everything hit me all at once.  I have four days off and plan to just stay in, get better, organize and play.  No spend!

I started this project with a Dollar Tree frame, can’t wait to show you that.  

I also started to alter this book with some paste paper I made last week:

I am going to make this my “Quote” book.  I plan to create all the art that goes into it then write or paste fav quotes and sayings in it.

It sure takes a lot if time to be creative!  Time and space!

What  are your plans!?  What have you been creating?




2 thoughts on “Um…yeah…No!

  1. I am totally stuck with my closet. Paralyzed to getting rid of school clothes, concert clothes, home clothes, just-in-case clothes, ugh. I think I could do your 333 challenge, but I’d probably not get rid of the 3333 other crap. Hope that sore throat goes away. Did those pink cards come from that sneak preview of stuff earlier? Amazing. I plan to have a low key weekend – yay!

    • Thanks Kim! I just keep drinking thereaflu so its all good.

      No I pulled out a fresh piece of paper and made that background this morning.

      But the altered book is all that paste paper I made!

      Its a lot of messy fun! Happy New year!!!


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