News Flash: Post Office Lost a Package

It only matters to me and my sister-in-law but did they have to lose THAT ONE?

Of all the presents in all the years and thats the one!  

Ok moving on!  It just means that I had to make yet more!

The whole reason for this post is not actually to complain about the post!  I think the USPO does a great job!  Seriously!

I just want to post about this:

This huge, beautiful piece of lace curtain.

(Pls excuse Gracie’s pee pad in the background, it is what it is.)

Anyway my SIL loves dainty things so I am making her 4 notecards and I used some flowers off the lace.

I found this a few months ago and snagged it up!

The flowers are so pretty and it will last me a lifetime.

I started these small notecards:

Will finish them up and figure out which book I am working on to send her as well.  

I am using cardstock someone gave me.  I tell you I am on a mission to use what I have.  I think it makes you be more creative!

Will share pics when they are done.

But isnt that lace curtain awesome?  Love it!

Have a great night!




3 thoughts on “News Flash: Post Office Lost a Package

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the lost package. I’ve lost a few in recent years, and it’s so frustrating. The note cards are lovely. You are so creative. Happy New Year!

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