This Happened Overnight!

Pinch me!

Happy Freakin New Year!




4 thoughts on “This Happened Overnight!

    • Happy New Year! Yes! I filed Oct 2 2012. Eons ago. The thing is, it feels much longer to me because 2008 is when I realized I was in trouble and everything I tried on my own didnt work.

      So its been a part of my life for so long!

      Almost there! Debt free and right side up!

  1. Happy New Year Debtgirl ! It’ll be a great one for you I’m sure! I’m back to work soon but I’m going to try and take one day at a time and stay positive…my motto for 2017 is to not be afraid and to keep on truckin’ !

    • Hi there Kik! Happy New Year!

      I love your new motto! I am trying to find a word or phrase for the new year too.

      Right now I just think Health is my concentration. So sick! Really got myself a bad cold. 😷

      Its gotta just get better right!


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