It Can Only Get Better

This year started out on a negative note!

We have both been sick, but today the first thing I hear is “mom, my throat hurts bad!”

So we ended up here:

The local urgent care.

He told us both to take really strong sudefed that you can only get from thepharmacist.   He also gave me an antibiotic!!!   Really?   He didnt even culture my throat!  He said “just in case”.

Really?!?!   That is why I got UC because all my life “they” over prescribed it to me!

So far I am just taking the Sudefed and Tylenol.

I filled it bacause we were already at the drug store but ?

Anyway.  I have barely moved since I came home from work last Thursday.  Its just been one big blur!

I did bind this art journal:

Its really loose. Isn’t that a cool binding?   It is my first one.  Now I can start arting in it!

Gracie was sick, she seems to be better now!  The kid and me both sick too!  Hopefully that is that and it will only get better!

Hope you are healthier than we all are!



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