Land of the Living

Back to work today!

If you are lucky enough not to get this virus, you are really lucky!!

It kicked my butt!  I am here at work but leaving a little early today.

I really don’t have much to share but these random tidbits:

I nailed that last one!




5 thoughts on “Land of the Living

  1. I hope you dont get it! With my “other” health issue all the meds I am taking are really doing a number on me!

    But today is my friday and If I can hold it togerther One more day at the office I can rest over a long weekend.

    Its times like these that retirement looks so appealing. When I am sick!

    Appealibg but reslly scary!

    Please be careful and take care!!!

  2. The same thing is going around here on the east coast. We are just calling it the crud. I’ve had it (it turned into bronchitis is 2 days) my husband has had it and my kids as well. THEN this morning my husband said he thinks he’s getting it again. NOOOOOOOO!

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