A Good Day For A Change

Hi there!  

California is finally getting some rain!

Of course!  It would have to rain on golf tourney day!

But my kid got out and practiced early:

She was the only one on the range!  Then it unleashed and poured on the game.

She played really well!  She scored 80 and came in 5th out of 24.  

Tomorrow should be a great day.  Fingers crossed!

Then we came home and I made banana chocolate chip bread.

It turned out beautiful!


Then we went online and spent 87.00 that JC Penny sent me from a class action law suit!  I got some slippers and gave the rest of the money to my kid to buy some things.

Oh!  Kids culture came back positive for strep so she ended up on antibiotics.   I still feel like crap but much better than this last week.

Today feels like the first positive day in so long!

Omg!  Maybe because yesterday was so bad!  Kids starter went out!  $400.00!  I cant even tell you the drama!

But at least today is a good day!




7 thoughts on “A Good Day For A Change

  1. Everything sounds awesome – well except for strep and the start. Glad it was a good day. Hopefully the golfing goes well on Sunday as well!

    • Yeah the starter was a bummer! The strep was weird because she feels fine! So I picked up the lab results and thurs I took her to her reg dr and he concurred to get on them. We willgo back in a couple weeks.

      The starter OMG the starter!!! Another post, I just cant even! 👎

      😜 Xoxo

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