Less Than Two Weeks into 2017 and this!

I knew all along that 2017 was going to be the hardest year to date!

I have been saying it all along, maybe its my fault for thinking it into reality, who knows, who cares!

But really Universe?  Really?

Gracie got sick last week! 


It didn’t work.  Today she was literally crying when I got home and trying to pee everywhere.

I called the vet and asked for pills instead.  Last time they gave her a  useless   shot.

So heres the deal:

Meds for Gracie:

Meds for kid:

And as usual meds for me!


To save my thrifted furniture:

I made that mess! Ah huh!  Nice. Lol

Oh Gracie meds are pills cause liquid would be easier but cost 60 instead if 30!  Really?!?

Why do they have to make it so hard?!

Heavy freaking sigh!

Oh it gets better!  Today I finally got the nerve to buy my kids ticket to visit a midwest college.  Just for her.  I can’t afford to go but she will meet the coach, stay with a team member in the dorm and it will be great!

It was 309.00 round trip!  Not bad!

About an hour after I made that purchase, my kid calls, she had dinner at Subway with her dad and he told her the company he works for was sold and he might not have a job soon.

Ok! First of all he is telling this to a kid that is over stressed as is!  Wait until it happens asshole!  

He bought and gave her a driver for christmas early.  Nice right?  But on xmas day gave her a box of golf balls with a sleeve missing!  Wrapped!  Freaking tacky!

He has been poor mouthing forever but lately getting worse.  Yet he has a brand new truck, a bike and three room mates that pay most of the rent!

I knew it was coming!  I am doing the best that I can to get thru this last year come hell or high water.

 F him!  

Kid is gonna be fine, I am gonna be fine and Karma will take care if the rest.

Its not gonna be an easy year but I GOT THIS!






5 thoughts on “Less Than Two Weeks into 2017 and this!

  1. Yikes, that is a lot to deal with when it all hits at once. I have no doubt you will pull through. Sending hugs your way, wish it was money.

  2. HI,
    I usually have to give my dogs clavamox when they have issues. It works for them. So it will be worth it if Gracie feels better.
    Good idea putting the cushions up on the sofa, and chair. Its gonna save you washing them later.
    And you are doing great! Don’t depend on your kids dad for anything. Just plan on doing it yourself and your gonna get it all done and be good to
    go. What an accomplishment to do all you do for your kid!!!

    • Thank you! I am glad to hear the meds work! We ADORE our cats and I always feel like they get the short end of the stick.

      She is taking it pretty well having to take pills.

      I could not sleep a wink last night but got her an hour early. I can do that the rest of the week and it will help.

      From here on out what ever he does or does not give me is crumbs anyway! So its not included in budget, but every little extra helped.

      Its nice of you to pop by and offer vote of confidence! Thank you!


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